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what is Direct Trade™ coffee?

For a coffee to be considered Intelligentsia Direct Trade™ there is a specific list of criteria that must be met by both Intelligentsia and our grower-partners.  In the broadest terms these coffees should be understood as a true collaboration, with both sides investing a great deal of time, energy and ideas to produce something great. 

At the end of this process, the coffee farmer who grows an award-winning cup is an artisan, and should be regarded as such.  We believe human effort is the most critical factor in quality coffee and that the growers who do the best work should get the best price and individual recognition.


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the criteria:

• coffee quality must be exceptional.

• the verifiable price paid to the grower or the local cooperative, not simply the exporter, must be at least 25% above the fair trade price.

• the grower must be committed to healthy environmental practices.

• the grower must be committed to sustainable social practices.

• Intelligentsia representatives must visit the farm or cooperative village at least once per harvest season.

• all trade participants must be open to transparent disclosures of financial deliveries back to the individual farmers.